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Amy Poehler Has Some Questions For Best Buy (About Amy Poehler)

In a brief teaser for its Super Bowl ad, Best Buy puts Amy Poehler front and center, with something important on her mind.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a Super Bowl ad has in store based on its teaser. For instance, this year’s Toyota preview featured Kaley Cuoco walking around a cityscape, inflicting the lyrics to Skee-Lo’s "I Wish" on random passersby with so much magic pixie dust. The final ad could have been about anything. However, with Best Buy’s teaser, you know just what you’re getting into, and if you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation and also things that are awesome in general, you’re probably already on board.

The 12-second clip, created by agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, features the forthcoming Super Bowl ad’s star Amy Poehler inside a Best Buy, pestering the staff. "Amy’s Got Questions," a caption reads. Although she only sounds off here with one question, it’s enough of a signal to viewers that the star’s inimitable style will be on display in full come game day.