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Diet Coke's New Hunk Sure Knows How to Wear Soda

The old fantasy of the hunky gardener meets the tradition of shirtless men in Diet Coke commercials with the brand’s latest.

Nearly 20 years after the improbably named male model Lucky Vanous scorched his way into the collective female unconscious with his portrayal of a thirsty shirtless construction worker, Diet Coke has returned to Hunktown.

A lot has changed in the past couple decades, though, aside from the hilariously dated hairstyles of the original ad. In the BETC London-created update, the group of ladies doesn’t simply gather to have an audience with a chiseled gardener (British model Andrew Cooper). This time out, they take an active role in making Himbo McGreenthumb take his shirt off.

One thing that has remained consistent between the first ad and the latest, however, is the thematically appropriate Etta James song playing over both ads: "I Just Want to Make Love to You." It’s a song that sums up how all parties involved feel… about Diet Coke.