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Super Bowl XLVII

Every Rav 4 Comes With a Genie In Toyota's Super Bowl Spot

Kaley Cuoco of "The Big Bang Theory" lends a hand to a family in need of some wish fulfillment in Toyota’s Super Bowl ad.

After teasing that Kaley Cuoco would play some sort of wishmaster in Toyota’s Super Bowl ad, the automaker has released the final spot, in which the Big Bang Theory star assumes the role of a family’s "Rav 4 genie." Abracadabra!

The -created clip puts a nice spin on a tradition that’s at least as old as Edgar Allen Poe: wishes robbed of their intended context and backfiring wildly. The minute-long ad finds the members of the Henderson family having mixed success with the wishes they flung at the purple-clad problem-solver. Perhaps the best results belong to Mom, who finds out that her body’s recommended chocolate levels are dangerously low, and is therefore required to receive the stuff intravenously. Adhering to the long tradition of commercial history, things don’t work out so well for Dad.