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Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl 2013: See The Spots

Recap the ad action from Super Bowl XLVII.

  • 01 /25 | Ram "Farmer"

    Ram Truck’s “Farmer,” captured the attention of Super Bowl viewers using “So God Made a Farmer” by radio broadcaster Paul Harvey. Ram and agency The Richards Group commissioned 10 photographers including National Geographic icon William Albert Allard and documentary photographer Kurt Markus to capture American farm life for the ad.

  • 02 /25 | NFL "Leon Sandcastle"
  • 03 /25 | Taco Bell "Viva Young"

    Why should senior citizens not be able to celebrate the fun. song "We Are Young" and the sentiments it celebrates? In agency Deutsch L.A.'s funny ad, a group of seniors spends a night setting the world on fire to the Spanish version ("Nosotros Somos Jovenes") of the song that catapulted fun. to fame during last year’s Super Bowl. Taco Bell and Deutsch teased their game-day spot with a video showing "Viva Young’s" main character, Bernie Goldblatt burning around a football field on a scooter.

  • 04 /25 | Audi "Prom"

    Audi’s major entry into the Super Bowl fray, entitled "Prom," is like the entire third act of a 1980s John Hughes movie condensed into a single minute. In the Venables Bell & Partners-created spot, a solo prom-goer has something to prove to himself, and emboldened by his Audi, he does it--for better and worse.

  • 05 /25 | Oreo "Whisper Fight"

    Oreo debuts of the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial. “Whisper Fight,” created by Wieden + Kennedy and directed by MJZ’s Tom Kuntz.

  • 06 /25 | Best Buy "Infinite Answers"

    Amy Poehler has about a million questions for Best Buy’s in-store staff in the company’s fast-paced Crispin Porter + Bogusky created ad, Super Bowl ad, which harnesses her unique charm to show off the retail goods.

  • 07 /25 | Samsung "The Big Pitch"

    In the self-referential Super Bowl spot for Samsung, two of Judd Apatow’s most frequent collaborators pitch ideas for a Samsung ad. Created by agency 72andSunny and blockbuster director Jon Favreau, the ad also has a surprise cameo that should resonate with the sports nuts who watched it during the game.

  • 08 /25 | Budweiser: "Brotherhood"

    Budweiser’s newest Clydesdale foal makes an appearance in this spot, from agency Anomaly, which focuses on the relationship between the horse and its trainer. Budweiser has asked fans to name the foal via Twitter. Read more about it here.

  • 09 /25 | Tide "Miracle Stain"
  • 10 /25 | Milk Mustache "Got Milk?"

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson puts his usual duties on hold while he procures some milk in this spot from Deutsch New York and directed by Peter Berg.

  • 11 /25 | Beck's Sapphire Super Bowl Spot

    Anheuser-Busch supports its sexy sleek Beck’s Sapphire with an unusual animated entry from Mother London. Read about it here.

  • 12 /25 | Mercedes-Benz "Soul"

    An extreme-manicured Willem Defoe appears in the role he was born to play (Satan) in this spot from Merkley + Partners and directed by Dante Ariola. The ad was teased earlier with a titillating spot featuring one of its celebrity cameos, Kate Upton.

  • 13 /25 | Axe "Lifeguard"

    It’s astronaut vs. lifeguard in a contest of gaining women’s affections in BBH London’s ad for Axe. The men’s grooming brand knows it’s audience, and is never too shy about catering to them on a fantasy level. The spot is part of a broader campaign, the Axe Apollo Space Academy that’s recruiting bros to go into space (for real). Read more about that campaign here.

  • 14 /25 | Volkswagen "Get In. Get Happy."

    The reggae vibes that come along with driving a Volkswagen whilst listening to Jimmy Cliff have infected Dave from Minnesota in a big way. In Deutsch LA’s main Super Bowl spot for the automaker, the relaxed spirit proves infectious, if not exactly authentic.
    Some (including New York Times columnist Charles Blow) have called the ad out for being culturally insensitive, though popular opinion, and Jamaicans, seem to disagree. In the unlikely event the ad is yanked, VW’s marketing head Tim Mahoney has said the company has a back-up (like many marketers who create several potential ads for the game).
    VW teased the Super Bowl ad with a bespoke spot featuring Jimmy Cliff singing a new version of "C’Mon Get Happy" to a group of the internet’s famous cryers and tantrum throwers.

  • 15 /25 | Hyundai "Epic Playdate"

    The Flaming Lips stop by a family’s breakfast table without any explanation whatsoever, and join them on a day that looks like a whole lot of fun, if you ask us. Anyone who has ever been to a Flaming Lips concert will be filled with jealousy toward the kid who gets to ride inside of Wayne Coyne’s hamster bubble in the ad created by agency Innocean. Watch it here.

    If The Flaming Lips aren’t doing it for you, though, Hyundai also made a couple other spots for the game.

  • 16 /25 | Kia "Space Babies"

    Kia answers the eternal question in this spot from David & Goliath. Read about the spot here.

  • 17 /25 | Toyota "Wish Granted"

    The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco is your friendly neighborhood Rav 4 genie in Saatchi & Saatchi’s Toyota ad. After a teaser suggested that an ad involving wishes was on the way, the final spot delves deep into the always amusing vein of wishes gone wrong.

  • 18 /25 | E*Trade "Save It"

    The Etrade baby returns with some advice about saving the money you might be spending on hidden fees (and demonstrates some of the better ways to blow your dough) in this spot from Grey New York.

  • 19 /25 | CocaCola "Mirage" Teaser

    Coca-Cola wanted to avoid doing a sequel to its successful 2012 Super Bowl effort, the Polar Bowl. This time around, the brand dropped the bears and created an open-ended, cinematic tale and a social media component that allows viewers to choose how the ad plays out on game day. Read about it here.

  • 20 /25 | M&Ms "Love Ballad"

    Red will do anything for love, but he won’t do that, in this spot from BBDO New York featuring Glee’s Naya Rivera.

  • 21 /25 | Doritos "Goat 4 Sale"

    Just as in previous years, the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest is bringing user-submitted ads to the big game. Two of the five crowdsourced ad finalists will make it to air. Our vote for the winner is this one. Read more about them all and watch "Fashionista Daddy," "Road Chip," "Fetch," and "Express Checkout" here.

  • 22 /25 | Pepsi "Party"

    Pepsi will grace the game with a brand spot starring halftime player Beyonce and this spot for PepsiNext. the spot, from TBWA/Chiat/Day L.A. depicts a house party saved by Pepsi Next. The campaign also includes a bottle give-away.

  • 23 /25 | SodaStream "Effect"

    SodaStream’s initial ad was rejected for being too partisan against Coca-Cola and Pepsi, but its replacement still succeeds by playing up the benefit to the end-user. Don’t worry: the toned-down version still finds a way to stick it to Big Soda.

  • 24 /25 | Blackberry 10 "Can't Do"
  • 25 /25 | Bud Light "Lucky Chair"

    Stevie Wonder Brings Some Mojo To Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spots.

Kickoff was February 3 in New Orleans but the Super Bowl action had been heating up online for the last two weeks.

Several of the big brand players in Super Bowl XLVII launched their game spots early, or teased their game-day play with bespoke content, or both. You can read all about brand’s distribution strategies here, but in the meantime, have a look at the slide show above for all the Super Bowl spots worth seeing.