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Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII: Audi "Prom (Worth It)"

In Audi’s ad for the Super Bowl, a young man is inspired to great heights of bravery by his father’s car—perhaps to his own peril.

"Bravery" is the key word in Audi’s Super Bowl spot. A young man heading to prom all alone suddenly becomes chock-full of the stuff—perhaps inspired by a 2013 S6 borrowed from Dad—and cruises toward a life-changing moment.

Created by Venables, Bell & Partners, the minute-long ad follows our dateless wonder as he parks inappropriately, struts into the high school gymnasium of destiny, and grabs the prom queen for a kiss. What happens next, you can probably already imagine, but let’s just say it’s a mixed bag.

Set to roots rocker Hanni El Khatib’s "Can’t Win Em All," the ad features the hashtag #BraveryWins, which Audi will promote through its social media channels, urging fans to share their most brave moments. Audi was the first brand to add a hashtag in its Super Bowl ad. Hopefully, Twitterers will not take this one as an excuse to confess brave crimes they’ve committed, real or imagined.

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