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Super Bowl XLVII

Office Drones Get Happy The Jimmy Cliff Way for Volkswagen Super Bowl Spot

In an ad set to air on the day of the Super Bowl, one office worker’s Volkswagen-inspired reggae affectation proves infectious.

Jimmy Cliff’s new version of the Partridge Family’s "C’mon, Get Happy" sounded so nice in Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad that the reggae vibes have overflowed into another spot for the automaker, also set for game day.

In the new spot from Deutsch LA, the laid-back charm of driving a Volkswagen has apparently infected an office worker with Reggae Dysmorphia Syndrome. Dave, who it is revealed is from Minnesota, has symptoms which include being emphatic about everything, over-enunciating his T’s, and saying 'I’ when 'me’ would be appropriate. More importantly, though, he is grooving pretty hard from the feel of his wheels—and their new Jimmy Cliff soundtrack—and he just wants to spread the love.

The spot carries on not only the "C’mon Get Happy" theme of this year’s Super Bowl efforts, but a broader happiness-oriented approach that began with the brand’s popular "It’s Not The Miles, It’s How You Live Them" spot.

Update: Predictably, the spot has been called culturally insensitive and perhaps racist by some commentators.