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Louis C.K. Is a Wanted Man

Either the result of a prank, marketing stunt, or some guerrilla performance art thing, Louis C.K. popped up on a wanted poster in California… and not for being the best.

Louis C.K. Is a Wanted Man

Considering he’s one of the hottest comics on the planet, Louis C.K. isn’t the likeliest candidate to find himself on a milk carton these days—but he did end up on another analog public notice. As The AV Club points out, the beloved comic’s face appeared on a wanted poster along California’s Huntington Beach, as someone suspected of being a Peeping Tom. The comedian may or may not be bummed out to see himself the butt of this bizarre gag, but don’t feel too bad for him, C.K. is likely going to have a big role in Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell’s next project, the as-yet untitled film once known as American Bullshit.

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