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Infographic: The State Of Multi-Screen Viewing

A new inforgraphic from Uberflip reveals some surprising statistics about the rise of multiscreen multitasking.

Infographic: The State Of Multi-Screen Viewing

There is a chance that you are reading this post on a tablet or smartphone. In fact, you might even be dividing your attention between these words and a nearby TV or laptop. If that’s the case, you are in good company.

According to an infographic created and sponsored by Uberflip, 81% of Americans use a smartphone and watch TV simultaneously. The biggest use of the second screen appears to be social networking, and watching TV, it’s easy enough to see networks strive to make the connection. Nearly every reality show has related hashtags flash by occasionally, encouraging viewers to weigh in on Twitter, which is the biggest driver of social TV, with 33% of users tweeting about it last June.

See what else Uberflip uncovered in the infographic below.

[Image: Flickr user Drew McLellan]