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Le Slip Français Can't Make An Underwear Omelet Without Breaking a Couple, Um, Eggs

The first-ever commercial for underwear brand The Slip Français demonstrates its product’s durability in a way some male viewers might find disturbing.

Just as most TV shows are now outfitted with ratings that warn viewers of what language or violence lies ahead, certain commercials could benefit from a similar heads-up. Regarding the first-ever commercial for Le Slip Français, perhaps it should be rated TT for "testicular trauma."

Created by BETC Start-Up Lab, a "commando unit" within European agency BETC, the new ad for the made-in-France underwear brand takes the form of a swinging French instructional video from several decades ago. A smiling redhead woman in full-on Vanna White mode begins conducting a wordless table-side demonstration with some eggs. Only after it is revealed that the product is underwear, however, does it become clear what those eggs are meant to represent.

Find out how the ad earns its hard TT rating by watching the full spot above.