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Super Bowl XLVII

Skechers Promises Heated Cheetah-Racing Action In A Super Bowl Teaser

A teaser for Skechers’s Super Bowl spot lets the cheetah out of the bag.

The Super Bowl teasing continues with the latest from Skechers.

Apparently, absurd racing is a theme the brand is once again embracing. Following last year’s spot in the big game, which featured the horse race-crushing Frenchie, Mr. Quiggly, the 2013 edition will have another interspecies face-off, with a cheetah going head to head with a Skechers-clad human. Created by Siltanen & Partners, the new spot sets up the showdown with what looks like Nature Channel footage of a cheetah chasing a gazelle, only to be rudely interrupted by a third party who thinks his footwear can defy nature.

We’ll find out whether it can or not when the whole Skechers GOrun 2 ad airs at some point during the two-minute warning on game day.