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Super Bowl XLVII

Taco Bell Revs Up Its Super Bowl Campaign With "Grandpa Goes Wild" Teaser

Oldster Bernie Goldblatt and his high-powered scooter introduce Taco Bell’s "Live Mas"-themed Super Bowl efforts.

Taco Bell has joined the teasers.

The brand is the latest to kick off its Super Bowl ad efforts well ahead of game day with a splashy teaser—this one 60 seconds long and featuring 87-year-old "Bernie Goldblatt," who tears up a football field on his scooter. The video heralds Taco Bell’s 60-second Super Bowl commercial, which will appear during the game on February 3. That spot will apparently depict Goldblatt and friends enjoying a wild night out and will be set to a Spanish-language version of Fun’s "We Are Young."

"Our hope is that our consumers will see themselves in this ad. They tell us that Taco Bell is about memories and experiences, and things they like to share with their friends," said Brian Niccol, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Taco Bell, in a statement. "We believe that advertising on the world’s biggest stage, the Super Bowl, was the ideal way to share these experiences with our fans, while also providing further context into the mindset of Taco Bell and what it means to Live Más."

The teaser was released on the brand’s YouTube channel.

The campaign is created by agency Deutsch L.A.