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This Santigold Video For Lena Dunham's "Girls" Delivers Just What It Promises

Girls. Lots of them. All ages, shapes, sizes. With attitude to spare.

Gotta love a title that can be taken at face value. Lena Dunham’s HBO show is called Girls and, as advertised, it’s about a quartet of ladies in their early twenties working out their stuff in New York City. Fittingly enough, the video for the title song from the show’s soundtrack is even more literal-minded; delivering a plot-free panoply of girls lip-syncing to a song about, for, and inspired by them.

Unclassifiable indie artist Santigold’s song is a typically bouncy affair, produced by Diplo collaborator Switch and Trooko, and it collides perfectly with the energy and attitude of the girls—of all ages—singing along with it in the video. In a series of quick cuts set throughout New York City, this wildly diverse group conveys a palpable enthusiasm, serving as a fun complement to Dunham’s series.

Bonus: is the lady at 0:13 seconds supposed to look like Ms. Dunham, or is that just us? Weigh in below in the comments.