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Watch A Vapor IX-Sporting Cristiano Ronaldo Blow Away The Competition in Slow-Mo

In an ad for Nike’s Mercurial Vapor IX soccer shoes, all things struggle against the vapor trail set in motion by an on-field force of nature.

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A mighty wind is blowing in the latest ad from Nike, but it’s got nothing to do with the weather above.

The new soccer-centric spot stars Cristiano Ronaldo, who proves to be a propulsive force on the field in his Nike Mercurial Vapor IX shoes. A curious atmospheric disturbance lays waste to all who stand in its way on the pitch, before it becomes clear that Ronaldo is the storm. Created by the combined firepower of W+K Portland and W+K Tokyo, the ad unfolds in glorious slow-motion as the Ronaldo leaves all manner of carnage in his vapor trail.

Watch the minute-long video below.