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IHOP (Briefly) Brings Breakfast to the Most Crowded Street in New York

IHOP + Pop-Up = IHOP-Up. Feast on it, Times Square!

IHOP (Briefly) Brings Breakfast to the Most Crowded Street in New York

Walking through Times Square can be a hellish experience. It’s a challenge just to make it from 42nd and Broadway to 50th Street without being asked to take a picture of someone in front of the MTV building, getting invited to attend a "free" comedy show, or being harangued by anti-Semitic Elmo. Considering all of these and more interruptions, stumbling onto a free breakfast in the middle of that bustling city corridor should be a welcome change of pace.

On Friday, January 18th, The International House of Pancakes is bringing its wares to Time Square in the form of a pop-up breakfast nook. IHOP may be famous for introducing the phrase "Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity" into the cultural lexicon because of its occasionally wacky facility with pancakes, but Friday’s initiative is in service of an egg-based concoction. All diners at the pop-up spot will be filmed and then may subsequently appear in a commercial for the chain’s new Griddle Melts: made-to-order sandwiches on artisan sourdough bread with a choice of three omelets in the middle.

The commercial will serve as proof of the long-standing maxim that there’s no better defense against the winter chill than eating fluffy egg sandwiches on camera in the most crowded street in New York City.

[Image: Flickr user Tahir Hashmi]