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'Girls' Girl Audrey Gelman Is a Social Media Anomaly

Lena Dunham bestie Audrey Gelman guest stars on 'Girls,' and in an unfolding social-demographic shift.

'Girls' Girl Audrey Gelman Is a Social Media Anomaly

Audrey Gelman is the sort of person for whom the phrase "only in New York" seems to have been invented. But, according to The New York Observer, she’s perhaps representative of something larger.

As followers of Girls, Page Six, downtown-style photography, and municipal politics may know, Gelman is spokesperson for Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer, social—and social media—fixture, guest star on Girls, close friend of Lena Dunham, paramour of Terry Richardson, and much more. She’s a classic Co.Create platform-straddler—as The New York Observer observes, "like Marnie but successful."

As Jim Hanas writes in the Observer, Gelman "serves as a refutation to stiff social media gurus everywhere. Their advice is for outsiders. Use your real name? Her Twitter handle is @grumplstiltskin. Post a representative picture? Her avatar is Cam’ron in pink fur. Don’t post compromising images? She appeared in a light boudoir video for DKNY Intimates. Don’t date Terry Richardson? Well, that’s not social media advice, but her 18-month relationship with the whipping boy of feminist blogs seems to confound all but their intimates. (Complex magazine is in full-blown denial about it, having named Gelman the 21st "most desirable bachelorette in NYC" as recently as September.)"

As Hanas notes, "public and private are being negotiated, and Ms. Gelman stands at the frontier."
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