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"N" is for "Napoleon Dynamite": Sundance Illustrated, A to Z

A new coffee table book from the Sundance Film Festival and Todd Oldham features commissioned illustrations of Sundance success stories.

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A fleet of filmmakers in Park City, Utah this week are hoping to leave the 2013 Sundance Film Festival with a distribution deal in place. Those who are not so lucky, however, don’t have to go home empty-handed; in addition to the usual swag handouts, this year the festival has created an illustrated coffee table book about Sundance itself.

The festival’s producers collaborated with artist/designer/author Todd Oldham, who designed the merchandising line for Sundance this year, on the new book. Sundance Film Festival A to Z is full of commissioned illustrations for each letter of the alphabet, corresponding with some of the significant films and filmmakers that have shaped the festival’s history.

The 'Q’ section, for instance, would have been remiss without mentioning Quentin Tarantino, whose bloody good Reservoir Dogs premiered at Sundance in 1992 and went on to become a paragon of independent filmmaking. Have a look through the slide show above for some of the other letters in the Sundance alphabet.