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Tiger Woods Returns With "No Cup Is Safe" Spot for Nike

Nike teams new member of its athletic roster Rory McIlroy with Tiger Woods in a competitive tee-off.

Nike today welcomed the world’s current number-one golf player, Rory McIlroy, to its roster, in a deal said to be the most money-intensive ever signed in the game.

To celebrate, Nike Golf teamed its newest star with its most famous (and infamous) athlete, Tiger Woods, for a bit of sport-specific one-upmanship.

In the spot, the golfers face off on a golf course, taking turns making near-impossible shots, landing balls first in the cup on the green, then in a series of less and less likely off-course cups.

A classic format that works well—Tiger even does an abbreviated demo of his famous keepy-uppy trick.

Let the Tiger Woods/bra jokes commence!