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A WWF App Teaches Us About Endangered Species...and Folding Them into Memorable Origami Art

World Wildlife Fund’s iPad app brings users closer than ever to some of the world’s rarest creatures and even lets them make origami portraits.

The World Wildlife Fund is letting its fans keep some of the world’s rarest creatures at just an iPad’s length away.

Recently, the WWF rolled out its first iPad app, WWF Together, which is available in the iTunes store. Created by digital agency AKQA, the new app puts users right in the mix with some of the endangered animals the WWF strives to protect, in unexpected ways. Using interactive features, WWF Together reveals the story of eight different animals, with new ones set to add regularly going forward.

Each animal’s story unfolds through fascinating trivia, hi-def videos, and animal portraits by renowned environmental photographer Morten Koldby. WWF makes the most of the iPad’s functionality to enhance the user experience, letting you swipe sea ice to unearth polar bear facts, or use the device’s camera for a simulation of tiger vision.

Perhaps best of all, though, the animals’ stories conclude with a portrait that utilizes the Japanese folding art of origami. Users will eventually download origami instructions for each animal, and share the results with friends on Facebook. Watch a trailer for the app below.