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Sh*t Just Got Real: The Guardian's Weekend Edition Is Coming Soon

In a world where The Guardian’s weekend edition is advertised like a summer blockbuster, Hugh Grant is the right man in the right place at the right time.

The Guardian may have a sterling reputation for being a beacon of high quality journalism, but the latest campaign for its weekend edition goes giddily off the rails.

After an introduction in which no less than Hugh Grant prepares viewers for a typically integrity-based ad for The Guardian and Observer’s weekend paper, viewers are soon thrust into a parody of Michael Bay-style movie trailers. Created by London-based agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the spot features a couple having mundane kitchen table-side chatter about the day’s activities while a breathless voiceover narrates the action, and quick cuts bounce back and forth between the two.

The spot, which was directed by Tim Godsall and produced by Biscuit Films, also has a lot of fun with the new tagline, "Own the Weekend." Rather than leaving it as an invitation for readers to conquer Sunday afternoon boredom, the ad takes the expression literally, showing various media outlets referring to the weekend itself as "The Guardian and Observer weekend," as though the company had managed to trademark those two days.

This campaign follows up last year’s smart fairy tale update "The Whole Picture," which won a series of Gold and Silver Lions at Cannes, among other awards.