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Watch A Driver-Less Car Go Through A Drive-Through—And The Priceless Reactions

"Just throw it in here. I’m a ghost."

With admirable commitment to the concept, a magician-prankster filmed himself picking up an order at a fast food drive-thru recently in what looks to be an invisible car.

At the top of the video, YouTuber Magic of Rahat shows off the tan-colored carseat costume he is about to don, which, along with some strategic leaning, will make it look like nobody is driving. Next, he briefly demonstrates the view from which the drive-thru workers will be seeing his carseat getup. It’s pretty seamless.

The real fun begins, of course, when Rahat pulls over to the window and we get to see the reactions from hapless employees. Since he repeats the prank nearly a dozen times, there are a variety of different responses, ranging from incredulity ("Really?") to hysteria ("Ahhhh!") and quick thinking ("Instagram dat joint") and my personal favorite: the kid who keeps closing the window, looking away, and opening it back up—perhaps expecting an apparition to materialize.