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MINI Teases You With Vehicular Backflip Cliffhanger

Will the stuntman driving this MINI land the world’s first-ever unassisted car backflip? Find out soon. (But yes: of course he will)

A (severely modded) MINI Countryman is the vessel for the world’s first unassisted vehicular backflip, in a recent promotional stunt. Whether the driver landed this trick remains a mystery for now, though, as MINI has so far only released a teaser, which ends in mid-air.

Although cars have have certainly kickflipped before on specialized ramps, and employed similar feats, nobody has successfully attempted the backflip as yet. Now French stuntman Guerlain Chicherit has strapped himself into a MINI (with what must be basically bionic shocks installed) to go for the glory. According to Chicherit, the stunt took 18 months of preparation and testing. We’re just going to assume, though, that MINI wouldn’t have revealed the first half of this video unless there was ultimately a non-crash happy ending in store.