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This Freaky Animation Was Hand-Drawn With Ink, White-Out, And Coffee

Artist Jake Fried has one of 2013's first must-see animations with this mind-melting psychedelic short, hand-drawn with ink, White-Out, and coffee.

Jake Fried’s latest animation is evocative of the effects of any number of substances, but there was only one stimulant used in the actual material it was drawn with: caffeine.

"The Deep End" is a minute-long blast of high-level, trippy greatness, hand-drawn by Boston animator Fried with ink, White-Out, and coffee.

The animated video starts with what looks to be a human head submerged halfway in the ground, as things begin happening to and inside of it. All the knowledge of the universe seems to funnel in and out of this human head—architecture, transportation, and language—and it only gets even weirder from there, if you can believe that.