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A Man, His Trombone, And A GoPro Make Viral Video Music

This video of a trombone player with a GoPro camera strapped to the slide caused a stir on Reddit over the weekend.

GoPro is the go-to tool of the action-oriented DIY filmmaker, meant to capture the kind of insane mountaintop feats that take a lot of brass to pull off. Apparently, though, the camera can also take a lot of wind brass.

On January 6th, a video caught Reddit’s fascination with a man—reportedly New York Philharmonic performer David Finlayson—playing trombone. It may not sound that exciting as described, but the video features trombone-playing from an angle perhaps never seen before. The tiny GoPro camera is mounted on the telescoping slide mechanism of the trombone, therefore the viewer keeps moving toward and away from the player’s face in tune to the music.

Due to the camera’s small aperture, and wider depth of field, the subtly smirking Alan Arkin look-alike’s face remains fixed the entire time. His subtle smirk is always visible, never blurry, as we go toward and away from it. Play on, player.

Below, watch an official GoPro ad from last fall, showing off some of the more outdoorsy places you can take the tiny camera.