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Why It Doesn't Matter If Volkswagen Owners Are Bad At Sports

The latest from Volkswagen is a lesson in durability… and terrible throwing.

Some epically bad baseball tossing hits home the point of the latest Volkswagen ad.

The new spot, created by agency Deutsch L.A., shows a father playing catch with his son, despite his own clear deficiencies at the game. "You had your shoulder pointed, and you kept your eyes on the target!" the father says encouragingly at one point, though judging by Dad’s own ball skills, his advice should be ignored at all costs.

Directed by Simon McQuoid, the ad shows off the inadvertent lesson that A-Rod Dad is teaching by playing catch directly in front of his new Passat. The car is so durable, it’s worth passing on (and it can be left right in front of what is sure to be a war zone of wildly mis-thrown balls without a care in the world).