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Coke's Polar Bears Are Back In Ridley Scott-Produced Film

An animated video produced by Ridley Scott and the late Tony Scott presents Coca-Cola’s polar bears in their longest role yet.

Around this time last year, we began to see more of Coca-Cola’s polar bear mascots than we had in some time. The arctic brand ambassadors were appearing in interactive ads during the Super Bowl, and perhaps hinting at bigger things to come. Now, the bigger picture is coming into icy-clear focus.

With a new video directed by Kung Fu Panda helmer John Stevenson, the polar bears are back as the stars of a longer-form narrative. The six-minute short follows the bear family as they encounter some puffins and learn about leadership. Each member of the family also establishes more of a personality, which will likely come into play as the film will reportedly be broken down into commercials. The video was created by CAA Marketing, and produced by Ridley Scott, and his late brother, the director Tony Scott, who passed away last summer.