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Virgin Atlantic Is Staffed by Grown-Up Superbabies

The latest from Virgin Atlantic reveals that the company’s hiring practices involve grooming superbabies for exceptional work in the private sector.

Move over, X-Men. The staff of Virgin Atlantic can take it from here.

Kicking off the airline’s new campaign for 2013, a new ad tracks the progress of a bunch of supernaturally gifted youngsters as they grow up to populate a certain flight crew. Created by agency RKCR/Y&R and directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet , the cinematic spot first reveals the international coterie of well-meaning mutants as superbabies discovering their powers. Later on, we see how these powers (a smile that lights up a room, anticipating future snafus) will aid them in providing exceptional service for travelers.

In addition to setting up the idea of superhumans at your service, the ad also highlights Virgin Atlantic’s nod toward the old fashioned glitz of air travel you might only see on Mad Men at this point. Whether there actually is a red carpet walk for departing flights, the ad suggests travelers may at least feel something to that effect.

The ad is the latest in an ongoing campaign that portrays flying Virgin Atlantic as a fantastically stylish experience. See an earlier ad below.