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New Year, New You, New Procrastination: Google Play Can Help

Google Play has a message about tackling the new year with a bunch of apps. (If you don’t get around to it until later, though, that’s totally fine too.)

The latest ad from Google Play plays on the spirit of renewal that inhabits pretty much everyone this time of year. Back in ancient times, diet and exercise book sales would skyrocket in January as folks sought to gain a sense of control after the nonstop food-train that chugs through the last six weeks of the year. Now, however, everything you need is readily downloadable.

Created by agency Mullen Boston, the new spot shows off the ease with which users can locate and customize apps and other media offerings through Google Play. You know, the kind of apps and media that might help all of us achieve our lofty resolutions. Adding to the spirit of goal-fulfillment and triumph over adversity, the ad makes keen use of Bill Conti’s Academy Award-nominated Rocky theme to help users get psyched about fitness. Of course, as Google is quick to point out, you can also find other stuff (cookies, say) that might make putting off some of those resolutions for another day or two seem like a better idea.