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During The 12 Days Of Christmas, A Reminder Of Sandy Victims' Wish Lists

A Christmas classic is re-imagined for the benefit of those who lost the most during superstorm Sandy.

Agency Mullen has teamed up with production company Hungry Man and other media players to create this seasonal reminder to donate to those hit hardest by Sandy.

"12 Days of Relief" is a reinterpretation of the 12 Days Of Christmas as performed by Sandy sufferers in Rockaway, Queens and Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Real residents of those areas sing a variation of the song, only instead of golden rings and maids milking given by a true love, they’re singing about more basic things that they still need—socks, lost toys, and "a house where my house used to be."

The video was shot last week in those devastated locations and lives on YouTube and on a dedicated site where you can learn more about the people in the video and, of course, donate to Sandy relief.

The project was supported by National Geographic Channels. Other contributors include Brightroll, Yume and Turn (media); PS260 (editing); Human (music); Sound Lounge (mix).