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Move Skittles With Your Mind With "Telekinize The Rainbow"

Have you been moved by Skittles? Now you can return the favor.

Move Skittles With Your Mind With "Telekinize The Rainbow"

We’ve chronicled advances in mind control here before and now there’s another leap forward for hands-free creativity—the ability to move Skittles around a white surface with your eyes.

Agency Clemenger BBDO advanced Skittles’ ongoing "(Experience) The Rainbow" campaign with an entirely above-the-shoulders interactive experience. The agency worked with aerospace engineer Ben Cai to develop a system that allowed (Australia- and New Zealand-based) visitors to and the brand’s Facebook page to move Skittles with their eye movements. The movements, captured by users’ web cams, were translated into commands given to specially rigged, Wi-Fi-controlled robots (attached to Skittles).

Check out more on the making of the campaign below.