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Tom Cruise Billboard Gets Inevitable Makeover

Tom Cruise’s December action flick, "Jack Reacher," has a title that invites reinterpretation. Seeing its poster culture-jammed, though, is somehow even funnier than you might dare expect.

Tom Cruise Billboard Gets Inevitable Makeover

Whether Lee Child was aware of the phrase "reacharound" prior to naming the lead character in his books "Jack Reacher" is irrelevant: The film based on his books had to pass through many channels en route to opening with Tom Cruise in the lead. Surely someone at some point must have pointed out the connection. Said person might have even weighed in on the decision to change the name of the movie to Jack Reacher (the first book is called Killing Floor). And yet here we are…
Although it may be too late to change anything, some hero has finally spoken out and said what puerile moviegoers are thinking, as you can see.