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Watch How Many People Help This (Fake) Drunk Guy Get In His Car

In a car insurance ad concerning holiday driving habits, an actor pretending to be sloppy drunk pesters passersby on the street to help him get in his car.

Everybody knows that friends don’t let friends drive drunk, but what about strangers? An ad by, a Geico-esque insurance comparison site, illustrates that they might be more amenable to the idea.

During a month-long crackdown on drunk driving last holiday season, roughly 7,000 U.K. drivers were arrested. If they hadn’t been stopped, there’s every chance that some of these people would have ended up putting themselves and others in the hospital, or worse. In the new video, which plays like candid surveillance footage, several citizens have an opportunity to put an end to someone’s dicey drive back home—and all too many do nothing about it.

Created by the rather straightforward-named A Social Media Agency and the equally literal Online Video Company, the video places an actor doused in liquor on a sidewalk near his vehicle, seemingly unable to get inside. Of more than 50 people walking by whom the actor asks for help, only eight outright refused. "You don’t want to ruin your Christmas," one of them says. "It’s not worth it."

In the end, 2/3 of the passersby actually helped the guy get into his car. Others just ignored him. Perhaps after seeing the staged version play out in an ad, more people will be inclined to step in and snatch someone’s keys when they encounter the real deal.