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The One Cake You'll Never Eat

Now rendered confusingly delicious-looking.

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There comes a time in every man’s life, often in grade school, when he gazes down upon the granular, Barbie-colored thing in the middle of a urinal, and wonders why it’s called a cake. Apparently, the reason is because urinal cakes resemble both a bare-bones definition of the word "cake," as well as Hostess treats. There are some new versions of the product, however that are making the similarities as clear as a stream.

Carmichael Collective is the creative outpost of agency Carmichael Lynch, and the group’s latest offering is a line of urinal cakes that are confusingly delicious looking. Imagine eating at a fancy bake shop, and then taking a sojourn to the restroom only to discover delicious-looking treats there as well. These urinal fakes come in wedding, birthday and cup- varieties, all real enough to make you wonder whether the porcelain beneath it is made out of vanilla ice cream.

Have a look at the goods in the slide show above.