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Skittles Lets You "You" The Rainbow, In DIY Holiday Ad

All the pieces are there; now what are you gonna do with them?

Skittles is pulling a reverse Santa Claus this year. The multi-hued candy company spent most of 2012 delivering some seriously weird commercials to the masses, and now as Christmas approaches the brand is taking the afternoon off and letting others do the work (specifically you).

This holiday season, Skittles has turned over the reins to its fans, who can attempt their own interpretation of the Skittle oeuvre. Developed by BBDO Toronto and digital shop Jam3, the new is a video-based website where users choose from a bunch of elements in a template to create their own Skittles Holiday ad. The characters, background setting, dialogue and, well, the "miracles" are all accounted for; their arrangement is up to you. The variety here offers more video possibilities than there are Skittles in a vending machine bag.