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This Billboard Is a Twitter-Fueled Vending Machine for Shirts

Allen Solly launches its 2012 collection by giving shirts to excited fans who tweet about how excited they are to potentially get shirts. It’s kind of meta.

Budget-conscious shoppers will be heartened to learn that there are more and more ways to get free stuff these days with social currency rather than that flimsy paper stuff. The latest practitioner of this trend is men’s clothing retailer Allen Solly, which recently launched its latest collection with a Twitter-powered billboard that functioned as a vending machine for shirts.

Agency Ogilvy India orchestrated the event, encouraging Solly fans to tweet at the brand, and also to gather around a billboard for possible sartorial rewards. Said billboard was covered in 60 shirts, each of which had packaging wired to a computer. As tweets poured in containing the hashtag #RainingSolly, the shirts would inch closer and closer forward. These tweets were streamed on a big screen at the event, so whoever sent the one that finally loosened a shirt from its perch got to claim it.