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Well, It Happened: That Dog Really Drove A Car

After setting sky-high expectations last week with a video of dogs training in a mock-Mini Cooper, now we have the real thing.

Well, It Happened: That Dog Really Drove A Car

As reported here last week, some special shelter mutts were being taught how to drive in specially rigged cars with the promise that either Porter, Ginny, or Monty would be ready to go for a spin in a real Mini Cooper on a real track by December 10th. Well, the day has come, and good as their word, the SPCA and agency DraftFCB New Zealand have released a video of Porter riding out, alone in the car. See more info about the project and about adopting dogs (the point of the whole exercise) here. And tune in next week to see whether, perhaps, pigs can fly biplanes or ducks can operate cranes. Impossible is nothing!