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The Humane Society Makes A Star Of Billy—Whose Story Will Make You Weep In All Kinds Of Ways

Meet Billy. He’s going to make you cry (and, maybe, give).

The Humane Society Makes A Star Of Billy--Whose Story Will Make You Weep In All Kinds Of Ways

For the past few days, a video has been circulating around the web, one that served, simultaneously, as a testament to humanity’s particular knack for unspeakable, pointless cruelty and its capacity for kindness.

The video, from the Humane Society of the United States, told the story of Billy, a heartbreaking example of the horrors of puppy mills. A victim of terrible neglect, Billy was wasting away in a permanent canine nightmare when he was rescued by the Humane Society’s Adam Parascandola. The combination of Billy’s tragic circumstances and Parascandola’s gentle brand of heroism made for a difficult to watch but effective message from the organization—that nobody should be purchasing pets from mill-fed stores, but instead should be adopting one of the many, many pets that sit waiting in shelters.

Damn those onions…

The Humane Society also conducted a live video stream with Billy and Parascandola (okay, only with the human part of that pairing) this afternoon. You can see a recording of that event here and make a donation here.