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M83 Coronate a Majestic Forest Deity In Epic Video, "Wait"

The video for M83's "Wait" continues the story of the gifted child from the band’s previous efforts, but with a greater emphasis on visual grandeur.

The latest video from M83 has all the signatures of their recent work: lush beauty, traces of wreckage, and telekinetically gifted children. What "Wait" brings to the table, however, is sprawling visuals that look as though they were inspired by the galactic square-dance of Cloud Atlas.

Working again with Division Paris’s Fleur & Manu, "Wait" picks up where last summer’s "Reunion" left off—with an X-Men-esque superyouth out on the loose. Produced by The Creators Project—a VICE and Intel global initiative—the new song is more of a slow burn than the previous singles from 2011's Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and the pace of the video reflects as much. By the time our hero claims her throne as some kind of majestic forest deity, however, and children from previous videos begin hurtling through space like tiny Felix Baumgartners, there’s an epic heft to both sight and sound.