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MTV Wants You to Know What the Kids Are Up to These Days

Those darn Millennials and their sexting! @MTVInsights is trying as best it can to give The Olds some perspective with a new Tumblr designed to hip them to the latest trends and freshest slang. Word!

MTV Wants You to Know What the Kids Are Up to These Days

Young people! They seem to be around everywhere these days, but what are they saying to each other? Can you even understand what language they’re using to communicate? Well, if it’s a strug (that’s what the kids aren’t abbreviating "struggle") to be down with Gen Y, those youth inspectors at MTV have got you covered. The @MTVInsights Tumblr answers many pressing questions about cool lingo, and the cool beings who are speaking it. You know that @MTVInsights knows what it’s talking about because the name begins with a Twitter-friendly @-symbol.

Not only does this site school you on terms like "selfie" and "wifed-up," it also offers up nuggets like: "75% of millennials say it’s important to have a side-hustle that could turn into a career," and a breakdown of the kinds of tattoos the youngsters like. The site also presents composite characters, so users can get to know The Millennials better. Above, meet your new friend, Food Truck Frank (we’ve never been so conflicted about media exposure…).