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Blu Dot Conducts A Game Of Twitter-Based Musical Chairs

It’s musical chairs. On Twitter.

Blu Dot Conducts A Game Of Twitter-Based Musical Chairs

Looking for a stylish new chair to complete your living room’s feng shui? Try your hand at Blu Dot Musical Chairs, a digital version of a classic game where the fastest tweeters have a shot at winning a steel mesh chair from Blu Dot. The modern furniture maker enlisted Minneapolis ad agency Mono to devise a fun campaign that would help promote their new line of chairs. It’s the third project Mono has produced for Blu Dot, always using social media to engage the real world in inspired ways. (For a previous project, The Real Good Experiment, 125 chairs were left free for the taking in the streets of New York. Mono tracked the chairs and filmed their new owners. The company has also allowed fans to trade goods and services for new furniture).

Mono worked with production company Honest To bring Musical Chairs to life.The rules are simple: Follow Blu Dot on Twitter (@bludot) to find out when the next game will take place. Then go to, where Mono designed a whimsical interface of chairs surrounding a three-piece band. At the designated time, the band starts playing music (written and performed by folk pop band Doppio). When it stops, a secret phrase appears. If you’re among the first to tweet the phrase correctly (spelling and punctuation count!), you proceed to the next round for four rounds total.

"It was a simple idea: musical chairs online. Take a simple game we’ve all played but do a little twist, and Twitter is the most immediate, quickest media vehicle we have right now," says Michael Hart, cofounder and creative director at Mono. Intrigued? Get an edge on your virtual peers by checking out the video above, which illustrates how it all goes down. The games will continue through Dec. 12.