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Burning Questions for Jay-Z

Hova handles humility gracefully.

Jay-Z is arguably one of the best rappers of all time. The safe adverb 'arguably’ is there for a reason, though: hip-hop aficionados are notoriously contentious when it comes to hierarchy. One thing that nobody could contest however is that Jay-Z (birth name: Shawn Carter) is one of the most famous rappers of all time. This is an objective fact. The question of just how famous he is came under dispute, though, in a scene from a video that emerged online on December 4.

Part of a longer documentary about Jay-Z’s series of concerts that opened up the Barclays Center, the video showed the rapper having a conversation with a gray-haired woman on the subway. Although ultimately the woman, artist Ellen Grossman knew Jay-Z’s name, their conversation consisted of her trying to figure out who this man with the Basquiat shirt and the entourage is.

Jay-Z responded to her questions like a nice young man. That’s the kind of humility you’d expect from Brooklyn’s favorite son. Watch the entire documentary where the video came from below.