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Ashton Kutcher As Smoldering Steve Jobs

Following the announcement that Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic, "jOBS," will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January, we have a new look at its star in costume. It just might do your head in.

Ashton Kutcher As Smoldering Steve Jobs

Somebody was definitely thinking differently when they decided to name one of the two competing Steve Job biopics, jOBS. Following the announcement that the film will premiere at Sundance 2013 on January 27, we now have a look at its lead, Two and a Half Men star and perennial angel investor, Ashton Kutcher, in costume. Beard? Check. Argo-style '70s hair? You betcha. The kind of creativity and business savvy it takes to build the most valuable company of ever? We’ll get back to you.

The Volcano to Kutcher’s film’s Dante’s Peak, a film with the Caps Lock-averse, if perhaps too-safe title Steve Jobs, is currently being written by Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin, has no set release date yet. Sorkin recently announced that his film would play out in just three half-hour scenes that represent key moments in the Apple auteur’s life. Which film will you be seeing? Let us know in the comments.