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Michael Kors' Microsite Helps You Visualize Your Holiday Celebration

A single-serving site from Michael Kors lets you fill in the blanks for how you want to celebrate the holidays, and vision-boards it for you.

At the top of December, with the holidays looming, sometimes it’s hard not to get distracted. Enter Michael Kors with a quick digital indulgence that meets those vacation thoughts head-on and gives them a visual aid. On Celebrate with Michael Kors, users type in any holiday accompaniment they can think of. Do you want silence? Good food? Puppies? A brand new clutch from the Michael Kors Collection? Enter the words on the site, and watch them become a shareable festive image.

Fair warning, though: The software was not built with corresponding images for everything. When there are gaps in the coding, or major profanity, the site prompts, "Another Try." What gaps will you expose?