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It’s All Around You: Control The Omni-Directional View On Red Bull's Mountain Biking Vid

The latest from Red Bull has POV-shot downhill mountain biking with a twist: It can be viewed from just about any angle—vertically or horizontally.

Talk about a pivot! In the latest kamikaze sports video featured on Red Bull’s website, not only can viewers look to the left and the right, they can also look up, down, and all the way around.

Technologically enlightened Norwegian camera crew Making View and Red Bull teamed up with elite bikers Brendan Fairclough, Florian Pugin, and Noel Niederberger as they raced through the UCI World Cup Downhill event in Norway. Making View’s cameras capture everything around them in glorious 360 degree panorama—but they also allow viewers to adjust for themselves using a keyboard or mouse. For instance, you can move away from the standard POV shot to look behind and above you, and watch the ski lift go by, or whatever else tickles your fancy. The point is: There are way more options than in your average sporting video.

Take the plunge yourself with the video below.

[Image: ShutterSpoke]