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Is The Game Industry A Sexist Mess? Women Offer The #1ReasonWhy It Is

Over the past couple days, women who work in the gaming business have been using the hashtag #1reasonwhy to call out sexist aspects of the industry.

Earlier this week, women in the video game and tech industry began using Twitter and the hashtag #1reasonwhy to explain why they feel like second class citizens in their chosen profession. Some of the dispatches are focused on the cultural forces that seem to dissuade more women from joining the gaming industry, and others dwell on the apparent sexism within the business that may prevent women from achieving their goals on a mass scale. The hashtag campaign is also notable for the number of high profile, accomplished women who contributed. In all, the Tweets shed light on the undersung plight of women who want to create the next generation of games.

Have a look through some of them below.

[Image: Flickr user Teujene]

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