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Live Nation Looks To Your Concert Content to Lure More Eyeballs and Advertisers

With a new site overhaul, Live Nation is looking to make its site a participatory music content hub, not just a place to buy tickets.

Before Monday, there was very little reason to spend much time on Live Nation’s Web site if you weren’t looking to buy concert tickets. Unfortunately for Live Nation, that was as true for advertisers as it was consumers.

In a bid to attract more of both, Live Nation has refashioned its site into a digital hub for all things concert-related: videos, pictures, even tweets or Tumblr posts inspired by live music.

"We’ve re-designed the new live as the one-stop live music community to connect fans to the experience before, during and after concerts," says Russell Wallach, president of Live Nation Network.

Among the new features on the site, which has been redubbed "One Nation," are original videos produced by Live Nation in cooperation with the artists it supports. In one, Pete Wentz reveals two things most people don’t (and might not care to) know about him; in another, Sucre performs and talks about the origins of her song, "When We Were Young."

Then there is "The Fan Feed," a section that aggregates fan-generated content from social media feeds using geo-fencing technology (determining participants’ location without manual inputs). The idea is to create a "community for true sharing of the live music experience from the fan perspective," says Wallach—calling it "a marketer’s dream." Hopefully fans will start visiting the site not just to buy tickets, but to check out fan reviews and photos after the show.

New advertising products are still being rolled out, but marketers will soon be able to buy ad space in the videos and otherwise incorporate their messaging into the content. Live Nation will also be looking to work with brands to create short-form music-related content that can live both on Live Nation’s site and the sites of its advertisers. Launch partners for the new site include Chevy, Citi and Bud Light.

"Brands want to touch their consumers when they are most passionate," says Wallach. "With Live Nation building a community for true sharing of the live music experience from the fan perspective, this provides brands an exciting new way to interact with their consumers."

[Image: Flickr user Aaron Tubbs]

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