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Need Some Dinner Table Inspiration On Turkey Day? Try "The Thanksgiver"

A Pilgrim out of time reminds you of the less obvious things you can be thankful for at the Thanksgiving table. Shelf paper, for instance.

Need Some Dinner Table Inspiration On Turkey Day? Try "The Thanksgiver"

Which came first: sitcoms depicting families going around the Thanksgiving table to declare what they’re thankful for, or actual families doing the same because they’re so moved by the spirit? However we’ve arrived here, it’s sort of expected by now that each person sitting around the turkey will have a point of gratitude already on deck. Unfortunately, everybody always trots out the same nonsense about "togetherness" and "love," etc. Now there’s a new website devoted to helping people think outside the bird when it’s their turn to shine.

The Thanksgiver is a digital tool designed to help people "expand their thanksconsciousness" with some random items to keep in mind on Turkey Day. Considering that that slogan is derived from Timothy Leary, the story of The Thanksgiver is appropriately stuffed with psychedelia. Apparently, the least sturdily bladdered of the original pilgrims stole away from the very first Thanksgiving to relieve himself in the forest—an introductory video reveals—only to fall inside of a wormhole that left him floating in suspended animation for several centuries. Now he’s here to help.

North Carolina-based agency Baldwin& created the website, which features our friend, the so-called spirit of Thanksgiving incarnate, hovering over a rock (Plymouth?) and dispensing wisdom. Users can prompt the buckle-hatted time traveler with a click, inviting him to share a new thing to be thankful for, and a reason why. "The Calculator Watch," he might say, adding "Because knowing what time it is is useless unless you also know the square root of that time." Eat your heart out, "home and hearth"!