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Air France Hides Songs In The Sky Via New Mobile App

Air France Music’s Music in the Sky app puts songs anywhere you—and your phone—look up.

When last we heard from Air France Music, the onboard song service was giving passengers new ways to listen to tunes in the sky. Now the company is spreading its playlists to earthbound listeners.

The new Music in the Sky app turns your phone into song-seeking radar. Paris-based agency BETC Worldwide hid some specially selected tunes "in the sky." People who point their mobile devices heavenward can discover the songs, which show up via augmented reality as little dots with music notes inside them. The app also has a hidden game component allowing players to win prizes based on their music trivia skills.

The music service—which Air France initiated in 2010, allowing passengers to create custom playlists with new and unreleased songs—has always adhered to a certain style of indie offering. The trend continues with Music in the Sky, which features M83, Cults, and The Roots, and some more unreleased music as well. The songs changes in every country, so if you go on lots of trips in the near future, you can build up a nice collection to remember them by.