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Guy Fieri Speaks Out in Unaired "Saturday Night Live" Sketch

After lots of back and forth between New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells and spiky-haired restaurateur Guy Fieri last week, "Saturday Night Live" addressed the dispute in a skit that didn’t make it to air.

Guy Fieri Speaks Out in Unaired "Saturday Night Live" Sketch

If you were anywhere near an Internet last week, you probably heard about New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells’ question-filled hatchet job on Guy’s American Kitchen, the Times Square eatery run by bacon-and-bleach aficionado Guy Fieri. You might have also heard about the Food Network fixture’s dignified rebuttal on The Today Show later in the week. The latest voice to enter the fray, however, is that of Saturday Night Live, whose recurring portrayal of Fieri was cut from the November 17 broadcast, but surfaced online two days later.

As usual, Bobby Moynihan plays the goateed restaurateur in all his fire-shirt-wearing glory, bursting at the seams with blind enthusiasm and weak wordplay. In the sketch, Fieri is visiting the news segment Weekend Update to discuss Wells’ notorious pan of his restaurant when it turns out he hasn’t even read it yet. Ultimately, the publicity from this review will probably end up keeping Fieri stocked up with peroxide and hoop earrings for a while; in the meantime, though, it’s fun to imagine the chef reacting to the review Moynihan-style.

Watch the full sketch below.