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How Ben & Jerry’s Is Using Instagram To Feed A Bond With Ice Cream Lovers

Fan photos solicited through a "Capture Euphoria"-themed campaign will be featured in ads for local markets all around the globe.

How Ben & Jerry’s Is Using Instagram To Feed A Bond With Ice Cream Lovers

Ben & Jerry’s is tapping into its Instagram community to cast the stars of its latest ad campaign. The campaign, from agency Silver + Partners, invites fans to post Instagram photos tagged #captureeuphoria that depict intense feelings of joy. "We chose the theme of ‘Capture Euphoria’ because we felt it gave our fans a way to express euphoria from their own particular point of view: from sunsets to smiles to ice cream sundaes," says Jay Curley, Integrated Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry’s.

All of the tagged images are being displayed at the Capture Euphoria online gallery, and thus far consist of a lot of people jumping for joy, cute dogs and cats napping and playing, and product images (one guy is balancing a container of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food on his head).

Now through January, Ben & Jerry’s will use 20 of the best fan photos in ads that will run in the area where the photographer lives, making him or her a local celebrity. "We wanted to come up with a way to honor and celebrate the [Instagram] community in a very tangible way," Curley says. "We figured what would be better than highlighting their amazing photos right in their communities."

Silver + Partners will produce the ads, which could be anything from newspaper ads to billboards. Haworth Marketing + Media is handling media placement.

While the winners are being notified that Ben & Jerry’s will use their photos in an ad campaign (they do have to sign releases, after all), the exact media format and timing of the placement will be a surprise.