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There May Or May Not Be a Mating Dance Happening In Sigur Rós' Latest Video

Christian Larson contributes the latest entry in Sigur Rós’ "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment," in which 17 different directors try their hand at making videos for the band’s new album. This one’s got extreme dancing.

There May Or May Not Be a Mating Dance Happening In Sigur Rós' Latest Video

Earlier this year, the enchanted Icelandic sound-sherpas known as Sigur Rós began an experiment in which they gave 17 directors free rein to make videos for their new album in a completely hands-off, notes-free vacuum. Needless to say, the resulting videos have ranged from the avant-garde to the bat-shit crazy with plenty of spots in between as well. The latest entry, from director Christian Larson and RSA/Black Dog films, skews more toward beauty and physicality.

The video for the title track from Valtari features dancers amid the decaying walls of an industrial ruin. Choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, the dancers’ bodies take on a fluidity that goes well with the orchestral thrum of the music. The languid 10-minute-long tune finally increases in intensity once the two dancers synchronize their moves and perform side by side, and kind of get it on. Anybody hoping for a return to the Shia LaBeoufian nudity of yore will be satisfied right alongside anyone who’s just into sensual dancing.